The idea for For The Lore came to me in 2009, while I was producing the World of Warcraft podcast WoW Dawgs. While I loved working on that podcast, it was incredibly limiting… especially for someone who enjoys playing a variety of games.

I wanted to produce something new, and different. As someone who writes and reads voraciously, the idea of creating a podcast that focuses on story-driven games appealed to me. We could discuss characters, story arcs, character relationships, and so much more.

I’d already produced several podcasts by this time and knew that one of the most important things to consider when creating a new podcast is your cast. Your co-hosts on a podcast are crucial to its success, not to mention your enjoyment.

I’d had a guest on WoW Dawgs, whom I’d seemed to hit it off with almost immediately. He was articulate, easy going, and knowledgable about gaming. As it would happen, he’d tweeted that he was considering starting a podcast of his own with someone else, and was looking for some advice.

I sent him a lengthy email with tips ranging from software setups to hardware requirements. I didn’t try to act as if I held the fountain of knowledge as it pertains to podcasting, but having had to scavenge the internet for scraps of information myself (as this was not nearly as prevalent back then), I knew that any bit of advice would be appreciated.

In addition to all of this, I shared with him my thoughts on this new podcast I was going to start. I already owned the domain forthelore.com, and had been using it for World of Warcraft fan-fiction (the “For The Horde” play on words was quite intentional). I was pleased when he said he would love to work on this project with me.

And that is the story of how Joe joined the crew.

Initially, Vince was not part of the podcast… as a co-host. He’d been a listener from the start however; someone whose wit and humour in our live chat was always appreciated. When Enrique had to leave the show, Joe and I agreed that Vince was the best choice for that seat. It wasn’t just that he was the best candidate for the position; he deserved it. He’d already co-hosted on several episodes, and had produced fantastic segments which I’d been adding to various episodes.

And that is the story of how Vince joined the crew.

Since then, the podcast has gone through a number of changes, including the addition of Marty as a permanent fourth chair, and Alisha and SushiGeisha as regular guests in our adventure sessions. However what we’ve come to realize is that it works best when we stick to the mission statement that started it all; For The Lore is a simple podcast devoted to story-driven games.

Listener Comments

@nevikjames: It was fantastic to have you boys in my earholes once again; missed the show so much.

Glad to see you guys back. It was a sad day when you ended the podcast a few years ago. I really enjoyed the new episode. Keep up the great work. -Daz

@AlishaRue: Please go listen to @ForTheLore streaming live on twitch.tv/forthelore. There’s a guy that has a velvety PBS voice and its epic.
@Samodean: Awwww… *blush*

@Orkchop: yay! 😀

@tartdarling: drunken frenchman is go!

@GrandOldPodcast: Thanks again to @ForTheLore for the shout in one episode 122. They are good people… some of the time =) Check’em out.

@malagaj: Elvis never dies!

Additional Contact Information

If you would like to reach us on Twitter, you can send us a tweet @forthelore, or individually @zenbuddhist (Roger), @lodurzj (Joe), @samodean (Vince), or @officergleason (Marty).

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