1. Personally, I really liked the look of Arms. Sure, it’s not something I’ll play every single day, but it looks like it’d be fun to bring out every now and then.

    • I’m not much for fighting games to begin with, so no surprising that I’ve got very little interest in Arms.

  2. I get why they’re putting out Odyssey at the end of the year. Gotta have one big release in time for the holidays, and there’s pretty much nothing bigger for them than Mario.

    That said, I want it now.

    • I disagree. Not that there shouldn’t be big holiday games planned… but to not have a Mario game at launch is ridiculous.

      Also, keep in mind that they could just, you know, develop another game — or games, for holiday 2017.

  3. You’ve probably seen by now, but the Canadian Nintendo Twitter said it’d be $400 for you guys.

    • I actually hadn’t seen that.

      $100 more than the US price?! That’s fucking ridiculous. Wow… I’m floored.

      • $470 Australian if it makes you feel any better.

        • No… no, it does not.

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